30 November 2013


in my hands, furry fuzzy plush
waiting for the weekend
folded softly and neatly
no more waiting
unfurl and twirl
in comfort all day
wrapped warmly

08 July 2012

unconscious mutterings #493

haven't done this in ages & miss it. so let's see how posting from mobile works!

unconscious mutterings week #493 says :

i say...and you think...

Purple :: passion
Staying Power :: friends
Human :: hands
Garden :: gnomes
Missing :: persons
Sucked :: up
Next door :: neighbours
Poker ::  straight hair
Strategy :: risk
Crushed :: heart

01 January 2011


sitting in a noisy house wondering what the year has in store.
so many lines and marks and ways to go
how it goes anyone would know??

28 December 2010


faceless looking inside myself
tarnished endings disappear into the seaside
gasping for reality
toasting glasses clink against the sandstorm of time
each moment passes
ripped from the fabric of itself

27 December 2010


snowy winter swirling flakes winter air bright sunshine cold hands warm cocoa wet mittens gloppy boots snowman snow angel snowball sled boots plow shovel iced trees

21 December 2010

seeing herself differently
a reflected mirror image not her own
angry spiteful vengeful facade looks back
a shadow of herself
not who she wants needs to be
an unknown stranger
the evil twin sneaks out
wrecks her happy daily life
shushed and stuffed full of good things
the monster quiets
but silently the twin creeps
speaks out
rears her head and roars
and she does not like it
at all.

23 September 2010

"morning feeling"

the quiet depth of the morning
confuses & confounds me.
my senses demand,
alert and expectant,
wandering the rooms of my mind.
anticipating, knowing.
the silence
is also emptiness.

25 June 2010


the subtle scent of incense burning and warm takes me back to summers of my youth. a distant memory, not quite faded from my brain. the smell wraps itself around me, vaguely familiar. i cannot quite grasp the images, they are dream-like and distant at times. and then suddenly clear, conjuring up scenes of sunshine, heat, smoke, a dull rhythm of drum beats and velvet corners. smooth and curving, they cling to the deepest recesses within me.


green grass lays spinning
twirling flashing around
in a swirling circle whir
sun drenched dark floor boards
leading to the frothy ocean colour
schemed out of winter dreams
dayscapes of easy-ness
sandy feet hand hair
dried suits parched skin
browned in the afternoon skies

24 June 2010


saying too much has always been an issue for her
not saying enough was never a real problem
always speaking, thinking, wondering, assuming, wishing, writing, believing
sharing has been something she's longed to do
with someone, anyone
trusting someone else, baiting them to pass along details
hoping they would not share what was meant to be kept private