30 October 2008


black and white, in a row, lining the drive. on the grass. in the sky, flying and squawking. hovering and swooping. in and out, all around. dipping and soaring. out of sight then onto the roof. chasing and running.
black and white, wands in the air, say a chant, chant a spell. say it loud.
flap your cloak. flap your wings. soar high. be more. go far. be above.

18 October 2008


shade from the tree, breeze thru my hair, float thru the air.
another shower of yellow flows to rumpled grass.
birdsong, traffic sound, laughter voices in the distance.
sunlight oozes from a hole in sky,
puffy white clouds roll up above.
stillness, movement, inside, outside.

17 October 2008

grey areas

who you are and what you say, follows me, follows you, follows us.
encouraging words, helpful words, sympathetic words, comforting words
unkind, dark, cold, harsh, the image forces me away.
judge me
be me
live my life
save my life?
live your life, in your life, be your life,
love your life?
be my friend. be my confidante, be my nothing and my no one.
stick with me, walk away.
compliment or complement.
repress suppress impress.
judge me
judge me not
ask me.
tell me.
know me.

16 October 2008

that thing you do

hit me, shake me, stir me, emote me.
keep me awake and from falling asleep.
rile me up while exciting my head.
thunder through my heart and my soul and my being.
wildly insert yourself into my skin so that everyday i cannot move without a thought of anyone else.
stand tall and proud with me,
with you i will stand.
lift yourself to me,
lift your hand to my hand and your heart to my heart.
they will beat in time together, again.

15 October 2008


flicking fleeting dropping to the ground beneath my feet. crunching and cracking as i walk swiftly over their brown staleness, hard and crumbly. bright red and orange and yellow floats past my face as i lift my eyes to the sky. a snow shower of colours and shapes and images in my view block the sun from sight. smiling, one sticks to my hair, shake it off it drifts to the ground and forms a perfect oak leaf shape, red gold and sparkly in the morning sunshine.

14 October 2008

all in a word

baby doll, angel face, cutie pie, darling, love muffin, twinkle toes, angel, sweet thing, precious, honeychild.
lots of words to say the same thing.
i love you baby :-)

12 October 2008


rows of short and tall, standing and laying, flat and round stones, over and over they covered the grass and the church yard. pitted with age and lit with the sunshine of years. stones lovingly cared for, covered in dirt and moss and darkness. flowers drooping with age, reaching to the sky for sunlight. round stones and seashells and photos of lovers and loved ones. breeze between the crisp leaves of the ancient trees. floating through memories and lifetimes and images of the past.

03 October 2008

sunny days

bright and shiny the sun reflects the glass and i am momentarily blinded. it glares from the polished chrome car parked on the street. the glossy sheen on the clear blue water of the ocean mirrors the sky above.