30 November 2008

sunday scribblings - winter theme

for today's sunday scribblings, i'm a bit late tonight....and not totally complete. at some point i will add to this and link back.

"the winter light"
she pushed the heavy drapery back from the 3rd floor window of her flat. peering out onto the usually busy main street now serenely calm in the mid morning dullness, she sighed and pressed the palm of her hand against the cold pane of glass. similar to her mood, the cold wintry rain continued to plop down onto the trees and sidewalks making the whole of the world seem suddenly barren of life.
the call had come last night somewhat unexpectedly. she was unsure how the meeting would go and wondered aloud if she ought to even make the effort at all. it was dreadfully wet outside. she decided to take the chance and if she didn't like the look of him or despised his behaviour she wouldn't bother staying for more than one drink.

29 November 2008

opening my eyes

needing desperately to hear and see you
knowing where you are at every minute
opening your eyes to the images that are real
and not so real
keeping you safe and moral
knowing what is best
hoping and praying for what is better
vigilantly watching

27 November 2008

thankful wishes

a calm day of giving thanks
being grateful for all we have
visiting, chatting, laughing, smiling
enjoying one another's company

every year we gather here
we cook and eat and drink
play games watch parades
and sometimes even football

another year of happiness
of sadness and of pain
we revel in our differences
and thank god for all our friends

26 November 2008

bangle finangle

slicked back
firmly grasp
hold tight
brush over
close eyes
squint again
look harder
pucker up
kissy lips
pink mouth
golden dangles
mirror reflects
happy eyes
shiny edge
close the door
all dolled up
making dinner!

25 November 2008

the chair

alone and quiet it sits forlorn in the garden
only recently baked in the sun and covered with towels
holding wet bodies covered in sunscreen
leaves floated past last week
rain and snow soaked now
slick with the light of the moon and stars
shimmering with ice
forlornly facing the window
peering in each day
dried in the sunshine
warmly removed to the safety of the garden shed.

24 November 2008


she lifted her head, her eyes shining
she caught his shadow on the windows as he walked past
his silhouette in the night darkness reflected through the thick steely glass frame
she imagined he looked back toward her
he could not see her, she could not see him
but she again willed him to look at her
tap on the window
return to her
her heart and hands shook
the lone tear fell to her clenched hand on the table.
the shadow moved on, away from her.

**a bit more of the story continued from stranger and grateful**

22 November 2008

sunday scribbings - *grateful*

sunday scribblings prompt for grateful, and continued from last week's prompted writing. thanks to all for reading and commenting! :)

as he stood, he looked down at her and closed his eyes willing himself not to make a sound.

carefully he reached his hand into his pocket and unclenched his fist. he felt the ring slide into the soft material and rest on the bottom.

he turned away and carefully strode out the door, grateful for the darkness and cool night air.

21 November 2008

in deep

letters dance, words flow, meaningless meaningful
say it all or say nothing
ambiguous is best
articulate speculate dedicate
observations create the images for which my mind writes
blurry worry furry

20 November 2008


once more trying
another sullen day
it lifts her through her sorrow
where has it gone, she wonders
the time has passed within her
his eyes are not on her
another time, another identity
where does she go
there is no existence
she moves along
each day dragging to another
pushing pulling her heart
given to one given to two
owned by many.

19 November 2008

leave me

familiar names memories of old familiar faces
simple melodies a time of happiness sadness
flooding back over her soul
calming soothing rough tearful
snowflakes on her eyelashes
melting into water

17 November 2008

light me up

bright sparkly
twinkly lit up
in my face under the sky
glistening the shiny reflection
facets smooth and sleek
sliding over
slipping shimmering
white red glow
flipping on and off

16 November 2008


the images flow and swirl in her head
she ignores the sense of it
and continues on
why or why nots blur in the edges
rushing forward holding to nothing
the wind at her face in her hair in her eyes
she's blinded
the reality isn't real
she closes her eyes
she needs to see the truth

15 November 2008


darkness surrounds the car
two figures within
unwilling to break the magic
no words, just sighs
niceties prevail
"it was a fine evening"
"i enjoyed myself"
unspoken words
hearts beat
hand on lap
warmth flush
"i'll walk you to the door"
a nod, a smile
a hopeful glimmer
slam door, key jingles
slow walk
tension, anticipation
she turns, hesitates
"will you come in"
a breath, a second
he takes her hand
stands close
kisses her lips
"i can't, not tonight, not yet"
a nod
an embrace

saturday scribes

saturday scribes writing prompts


please don't panic, the words will flow, the images will come.
you might be sleepless for a while, but that too will improve.
give it time, you will fall blissfully into a calm doze.
and when you wake you might feel slightly disoriented but it will pass.
it should pass.
it will go away, eventually.
and then you will be return to your normal life.
the one that you must slog through one day at a time.
and then they will want to borrow the keys to the car!

14 November 2008


sunday scribblings prompt

he reached across the table and gently touched her cheek with his open palm.
he stood to leave, she quickly glanced down at her half empty glass,
a lone tear wetting the corner of her eye.
he hesitated behind her.
she hoped he would speak.
any word.
anything at all.
something to make it worthwhile.
he sighed, putting his hands in his pockets.
footsteps away.
he was now a stranger to her after all.

the hardest part

electric air
waiting, waiting, waiting.
ice cubes clink
deep breath
scan room
set lists
amps on
sticks and picks
lights dim
background music fades out
figures emerge
darkened becomes light
bass drum
cymbal strikes
heart races
first note
saxophone lifts
tempo swells
one drop
dance, shake, smile
recognition happiness
music flows
non-existent time
one person in time
eye catching
whirling twirling plume
flashbulb bright
slow down
speed up
take a break
fade in, fade out
greetings salutations

13 November 2008


dream it.
live it.
be it.
wonder it.
where is it.
why is it.
how is it.
flip me upside down and inside out.
escape my head and wander away.
keep me safe and rush on by me.

12 November 2008


crunching, crinkling. blow in the wind.
fluffy and crunchy underfoot.
in the air, floating and flying.
reds and oranges flow into one.
toss them up, throw them down.
stomp stamp jump leap.
run hop skip kick.

09 November 2008


sunday scribblings prompt

they say

change is good, they say.
good time for a change, they say.
change the way you speak, they say.
you will make more friends if you change the way you act, they say.
make a change, it will do you a world of good, they say.
change a tire,
change a diaper,
change the lightbulb,
change the channel,
change the sheets,
change your clothes.

change the way you see the world, get up, get out and change who you are.
be the person you want to be.
change the world one person at a time.

07 November 2008

my baby

dark red fringe
pale pink marabou
white ruffles
princess shoes
hot pink curly cue clippy bow
flippy hair
grosgrain ribbons
ponies, dora, aurora, ella
care bears, tinkerbelle, jasmine
twirly dresses
ruffled tights
feathery purses

rough, tumble, princess band aids, pink soccer ball, playing tag, running backwards, riding a bike, chasing brothers, keeping up

big girl, little girl, not a baby, the sister, little sister

05 November 2008


be quiet. keep quiet. don't share it. don't tell anyone. write it down. don't email it. don't tell anyone. no one wants to know. no one needs to know. a need to know basis only. keep mum about it. no one will get it. don't share the details. don't tell me. keep it to yourself.

tell me. email me. post it. share it. plurk it. blog it. write it down. write it out. memo it. cc it. broadcast it. youtube it. tell everyone.

be proud. be yourself. be brave. own it.

03 November 2008


see me, touch me, hear me,
wish me there
wish me here,
wish you here.
stand up straight
hide your eyes,
cover my face,
smile that smile.
brush my face,
see my face.
light it up,
light me up.
close the door.

01 November 2008

hallow it be

hot white, black and dark
creepy crawly
bright orange glow
warm oozing chocolate
crackling whoosh slushy