26 October 2009

one word - intuition


her mother's intuition was strong. she was sure that it was the best idea for her son, but of course he had other ideas. she knew he needed to heed her advice. but in the end, she did the smart thing, she let him choose his own path, his own destiny. and in the end, her intuition was proved correct.

*for one word prompt*

07 October 2009

not saying

"what not to say"

she opened her mouth
words spilled out
others were omitted
surprised shocked
disregarded for their open-mindedness



silky flowers hopeful smiles
she knew nothing
not forevermaybe till next year
sadness voices
broken dreams and dishes
roses wilted in the vase

05 October 2009

one word - chase


chase me now. chase me down. chase me and catch me. make me know that you need to know me and need to be with me. chase the feeling away and realise the silliness of all the things that were said and unsaid. be who you want to be, and be there for me. chase the uneasiness away and make sure that the future is there for us.

one word

04 October 2009



she sat quietly watching
suddenly speaking up in the midst
saying more than she should
backing herself into a corner
the need for a shovel was strong
but no one offered her one
we kept open mouthed closed
shocked and surprised at her dark words
our small group divided
one outsider left out
sly words later
decisions made unsaid
questions unknown openmind
friendships maintained

one word --apron


he was tied to his mum's apron strings, that's what the church ladies said. but in reality, he just loved her. he knew she was lonely and wanted to make her last years on earth pleasant ones. after all, she had looked after him all those years, during the war when there were so few things, so little to eat and so much distress. so he made her happy now, took her places, and to dinner. he sat and chatted over old times and remembered with her.

one word

unconscious mutterings #349

to help motivate my brain again, unconscious mutterings week #349

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Yacht :: club
  2. Paula :: deen
  3. Delete :: ctrl/alt
  4. Auto :: pilot
  5. Obsolete :: writing
  6. Dedicated :: teacher
  7. Old :: and decrepit
  8. Convince :: me
  9. Poster :: child
  10. Erase :: head