28 April 2010


what to have, where to eat, when to start
where to start?
covered with sauce (not ketchup)
do you want fries with that?
remember to salt the water
fling the pasta on the wall?
clear up
wash up
wipe up

start over tomorrow

*bit late, for prompt "dinner" sunday scribblings*

red hot

stolen moments whispered words
borrowed kisses hidden doors
closed eyes
dark corners
underneath the veil of night
they meet
hidden behind masks of deceit and white lies
she with not he but him
he with not her but she
encoded texts double meanings
words glance the edges of the page
unsent unseen
tripp over black and white and red
envy's necessity wishes lock
windows crack left open
shimmering flung
senselessly slammed land
muddied with time's passing

14 April 2010

for may

born in springtime when flowers are new to the trees
she greeted us with a cheery smile and a wave
always asked about my babies
watched them grow, remembered their names
she observed the world from her front porch rocker
compared flowers and weather over shopping carts and walks
a bright and sunny spring day, pink blossoms and freshly green trees
dear may is remembered and missed already