23 June 2009

carry on tuesday

a new prompt for me, written without much editing. in an effort to write more 'story-like', i'm varying my approach to writing.

so for carry on tuesday, with the prompt to start it out in italics.

you would have understood me, had you waited. but you didn't. you were so anxious to move on, to continue your life without me. why was i so bad for you? what did you expect, a prince on a white horse to sweep you away? like that would ever happen, to you, to anyone. so i smacked you a couple of times. i mean come on, i said i was sorry. and i don't drink that much. just a few beers during the football or down the pub with my mates. what's the big deal. i said i would change. why didn't you believe me. you could have given me another chance. i'm not the bad one here.

22 June 2009

one word

another blogger mentioned this one word site, and so i played along. the object is to write something on a prompt (mine was "match"). once you've typed in your words, you can share what you wrote by giving your name and email address.

he hit the ball across the court. match point the announcer declared. on and on the game went. over and over he hit, volleyed and lobbed his way to a winning score. a minute before the end of the game he realised all was lost and he bowed his head.

19 June 2009

sunday scribblings - vision

vision - sunday scribblings

perky hot sexy
drawn in
enamoured and enthralled
voice carried away
pretty words twisted
flipped beneath upside
slicked back grosgrain vision
red sordid tales
woe not
strength in her
strengthened her
back turned
walked away



knees held
erred over herself
tired of trees and ribbons
untold truths
revealed within the pages
turned over until
reality set them free

18 June 2009


whispering voices in the dark
keep her awake long enough
veined deep stabbed in her head
colours flow around words
sawdust floats through her vision
trampled beneath wetness
streaming down her cheeks
flowing curving atop the fluff
like pollen blowing in the breeze
attached bitter biting to everyone

16 June 2009


moonlight sits atop the ridge
flowing among the stars and shapes
beneath a molten sky
flowers float drift downwards
dipping petals in the seawater
shiny wet shimmers along the horizon
deep within the murky pathway
straight to heaven or hell
her heart beats loudly in her skin
daring everyone around to hear

15 June 2009


book words flow surround
drowning in ideas
nowhere to expand them
express them quickly
before they drift away
unknown and undone
thinking believing
scribbling always on

14 June 2009

sunday scribblings #167

for sunday scribblings, "absurd".

"real life"
to have ended up where she began, the absurdity of it all was not lost on her. she wondered how to deal with the problem, if one could call it that. one useless man out of her life for good, a new nicer slightly more useful man in. she thought she had it all, or at least a small portion of it. she had a roof over her head, a car that worked most of the time. there was some food in the fridge, she couldn't complain, shouldn't complain. she wasn't complaining, just this one new thing, it added in a new texture to the whole 'this is real life take it or leave it' mentality.

she chose to take it. this time she chose to embrace it. she could deal with it this time. she looked at the pink line showing faintly on the stick. yes, this time she would have more experience. she stood up, stepping over a barrage of toy trucks and sticky fingerprints, pictures taped to the not quite empty fridge. yes, this time would be easier. she wouldn't be alone.

13 June 2009

sunday scribblings #166

this was for last week's sunday scribblings, "soul mate" but obviously i'm a week late of course!!

open me up
quick within my soul
seen deep
pushed aside
no heart
nothing hidden
bitterness splayed wide
on view for all
thrown aside
years old

12 June 2009

unconscious mutterings week 332

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Hockey :: mom
  2. Twirling :: drummer
  3. Montreal :: canadians
  4. Better :: you better you better you bet
  5. New :: me
  6. Rally :: round
  7. Stanley :: cup
  8. USB :: port
  9. Scouted :: for in the trees
  10. Cough :: loud and annoying

for unconscious mutterings