31 December 2008

happy new year

the new year
a new time
a chance to begin again
once more
around the block
or back inside the house
where to start
what to write
how to put it right
make it up
be brave
smile more
lend a hand
in the end
just be.

28 December 2008

believing -- sunday scribblings #143

i believe in miracles,
in those unexpected wonderful happenings.
i believe in love and happiness,

and in that one true love,
the knight in shining armor on the white horse
and that if you are lucky enough to find that person
you have found your miracle
and should thank god every day.
i believe in children and messy houses,
in laundry and muddy feet,
in chocolate and pink toes.
i believe in music and singing,
in loud voices and shouting and laughter,
and in hugs and smiles and kisses.
i believe in life and friends and family.
and i believe in me.

**for sunday scribblings #143 prompted with "i believe". thanks to all for reading and for the comments, it is greatly appreciated**

20 December 2008

on being late

for sunday scribblings #142 the prompt is "late". many thanks for the kind comments and visits to my writings!!
sooner or later

the thought came to her many years after
what if she had missed the bus
and she had never gone
if she hadn't turned up
at the fateful meeting
would her life be different
thusly changed from what it became
if the bus had been late
if he hadn't waited
or better yet
he hadn't shown up
would she have been disappointed
and always wondered about it
sooner or later
it would have happened
fate stepped in
she crept through those years
wandering blindly at times
landing on her feet in the end
keeping together
for the happy
that her life became
for the happy that her life is

12 December 2008


sunday scribblings #141 prompt for "i knew instantly...", with a slight change to third person :)

she knew instantly
it was the right thing to do
nothing to think over
no indecision or remorse
not one thing to change
embrace the newness
forge ahead
her heart pounded
nerves and anxiety aside
a deep breath and a push
relief and happiness
her heart and mind swelled
another beautiful baby to adore

**many thanks to those who have visited and commented on my posts, it is greatly appreciated**

09 December 2008

along the way

kindergarteners running laughing
sliding hopping rolling
red light green light
jogger dog walking
ten santa hats atop tall pines
double stroller bundled mom
children singing
"big bells go bom bom bom,
at christmas time"
muddy feet red cheeks cold noses
hola manny hola tools
luke warm hot chocolate
marshmallow fluff
fuzzy slippers furry blankets
home sweet home

06 December 2008

sunday scribblings - tradition

snowflakes fall on her eyelashes
she looks out among the nameless faces
shoppers and holiday seekers
she walks solemnly to the end of the road
she looks right then left
breath catches in her throat
it has all come before her
this one time this one place
the darkness and cold
they suck her back into another time
another place
she feels obligated to return to this chilly place
a sad tradition of sorts
a memory to share within herself
to remember, never to forget
places the single white rose
runs her hand along the gash
over the cool metal post
oblivious to the glaring car lights
the great crush of the crowd surrounds her
she wills herself back to present
brushes tears from her cheeks
and walks on

for sunday scribblings #140  - tradition

03 December 2008

the what ifs

what if she just closed her eyes for a minute
and she imagined her life different
she wasn't in the cold damp flat
the one without central heating or a shared bath

what if she felt the sun on her face
and she felt happy
she wasn't physically or emotionally hurting
the one who cowered or covered the bruise

what if she took that one big step
and she was brave just this time
she wasn't afraid to walk away
the one who packed her bag and left for good.

what if she just shared the secret
and she told her friends and family

what if they didn't judge her
and she felt supported and loved.

what if she lived a better life
and she became herself.