09 May 2010

mutterings week 380

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Rock n Roll :: hall of fame, love letter
  2. Be with you :: want, desire, and also with me
  3. Richard :: the lionhearted, the third, hatch
  4. Hair :: bear bunch,
  5. Police :: sting, state
  6. Experience :: the sensation
  7. Father figure :: it out, dad
  8. Nice :: one, hat, to me
  9. Switch :: plate, it on
  10. Appearance :: isn't everything, matters

for unconscious mutterings week #380

06 May 2010



small and inconsequential
a blip in time (and space)
one moment out of so very many
she lifted her eyes upwards
wondering why
how it had suddenly occurred
a tiny spark
brought back around
created this
a new timeline
for her
for all of us
she stepped back
away from the edge
blending again
into a crowd
of millions

*for sunday scribblings - event"

04 May 2010

my life

"my life"
gathering together
nonsense chatter
coffee speed
errands to complete
two hours
more at home
coffee speed
text message
lunchbox drop
gym shorts new school
double park
karate dance soccer band
crockpot take away
cereal for dinner
wrap it up
lights out
start again
another day