30 September 2008

leave me now

the leaves overhead rustle and shake in the breeze, the sun peeks through the branches. i shade my eyes and glance up at the bright blue cloudless sky. the greens and oranges of the leaves are bright in the morning sun. the leaves crackle and shimmy against one another as the air shifts between them. a handful flurry to the ground. brown and crunchy, they hit the ground with hardly a sound. gathered against the fence, moving only to the breeze or when kicked by a child's foot.
soon, they will be in great piles of red, green, orange, brown, darker with age. crunchy and crinkly and falling to bits. they float through the crisp air tossed into the sky. at school and pinned onto papers to colour. show and tell. art projects.
again they are tossed aside and forgotten, old and brown and wet, they are mulched and become homes for bugs in winter.

28 September 2008

rainy days

damp wet and dripping. the day slips and slides and shimmers in a pool of water under my feet. loud splash flying down the gutter and across the window frame. light zips through the electrified air, thunder crashes as the ground shudders against the weight of the hard and heavy and cold rain. the wind sprays mist on my face, my hands are wet, squishy toes in my damp sandals.

27 September 2008

a stone is a stone

rocks and statues. sad or unkind in feature. dropped or placed purposely. a stray twig laying alongside the road. small pebbles kicked by children on their way to the beach. hard and rough, they fall to bits when smashed. in darkness they loom and change the landscape into shadows of frightening creatures of the night. carved into beautiful images, skipped across a local shimmering lake, dropped from bridges or out of windows. gathered together at gravesides to mourn the deceased. rolled or carted to large mounds creating beautiful formations. standing stones with imagery. tales of long ago. tall tales or tall stones. wilderness and quiet.

25 September 2008


hot and steamy, anxious and nervous. dying to be touched and stroked and felt. watch and listen. look and hear. touch and feel. open your eyes. wink. smile. nod. laugh.

24 September 2008

new day

bright and shiny and new. all white and clean with straight lines and smelling fresh and sweet. open the door, peer out and see the clearness of the air and the sky and the sun. no clouds, just sun and sky and tall brightly green trees.

22 September 2008


dark and hazy, fuzzy and unlined. something that covers my eyes and makes me squint and wonder why i can't see the edges clearly. dull and vague and not quite opaque.

19 September 2008

bleached white

stark white. clear white. on the deck against the dark green of the trees. in the wash with the new socks and undies. the clear white eggs in the package at the supermarket. the van and car on the street. white and bright and light. the shirt on his body, white and clean and soft and touchable.

18 September 2008


pink pink. a vision in pink. flitting in and around the yard. catching a yellow ball. bits of pink flurry by in amidst the green of the grass and fading trees. pink shoes, pink skirt, pink shirt, pink socks. pink and fluffy like a cloud that floats around the sky and changes shape and mood as the day sees fit.

17 September 2008


a dark and brooding crimson day of red today. moody and slightly jittery, uptight and wound. ready to spin out and whirl away.
the chair, my hair, the pillow, a healing cut, the old bee sting, the pains of last week.

15 September 2008


another bright and sunny day. lots of trees and bushes in bloom outside still, thankfully!! the clouds are a fluffy white and look like puffs of cotton wool.


what to say, what to write? a nice new slate to write pretty things on, or not. let's see what i can come up with. all my old blogs are still there (hidden and not).

01 September 2008


cheer me up, make me feel better, hug me, love me, cuddle with me, just smile already!! :)