31 January 2009

sunday scribbles #148

on time this week, well mostly :)
for sunday scribbles regrets


she never thinks of it in a way that makes her sad. not anymore. she is well past the regret portion of the relationship. she thinks only of her life now, her future, her happiness, their happiness. certainly she remembers. how can she not remember. how can anyone not recall those little tidbits of life long past. the pieces that add up and make her who she is now. she doesn't wince or frown about it. she doesn't speak about it either. she remembers, but those memories are few and scant in her normal life. just as other sights and sounds remind her of other past events, the scent of roses or tinkling bells of her mother, a certain holiday song of an old long missed friend, they are there. although more faded as time goes by. she is content with that. without these events, these people, she would not be where or who she is not. she cannot change her past, nor would she.

sunday scribbles # 147

this is a week late, but once started it needed to be written completely. 
for sunday scribbles -- phantoms and shadows

she walks down the road toward the pond at the park. she knows he won't be there, but she goes regardless. she tries to shake off the sadnesss and then sighs heavily. she knows the feeling will pass. the warm breeze feels good on her face, and she continues her walk toward the shade of the trees. she picks up a stray leaf and twirls it in her hand. memories of other times, walking and laughing, flood her brain. she smiles and frowns in quick sucession. she remembers sipping tea by the kiosk, a stolen kiss when they were shy. the water is bright and shiny in the sunshine and she remembers geese squalking and buying fresh bread to feed ducks. walking in the morning to fetch the sunday papers, rushing back home to cuddle under the blankets. more cups of steaming hot tea, milky white and sweet for her, dark and less sweet for him. much like him, dark and less sweet.

25 January 2009

unconscious mutterings week #313

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Unwanted :: food
  2. You’d better :: eat all your dinner.
  3. Woman :: power
  4. Weighed :: options
  5. Upright :: homo erectus
  6. I feel :: powerful
  7. Ill :: sick
  8. It’s like :: trying to herd cats
  9. Poor man :: brown cap
  10. Great :: and powerful oz
for unconscious mutterings

22 January 2009

wordzzle #46

i haven't done one of these in months and i'm not quite a week behind, but since the new one isn't up yet, i'm safe ;-)
i did the 10 word one this time around (air tight seal, bitter cold, draft card, diner, paragon of virtue, broken computer monitor, CPR, a love of folk music, scatter-brained, can of worms)

wordzzle week #46

"in the sun"

she opened a can of worms by even mentioning the bitter cold to him.
"i'm fed up," he said, "over it, done, let's move."
"but where?" she queried, "we can't afford too much right now, there's that broken computer monitor that needs fixing."
eventhough she liked the warm weather, she wasn't so keen on the feeling of the air tight seal in the house when the air conditioner was on. no way to get out and about when it was 110 degrees in the sunshine.
"well, darling, since we have such a love of folk music, we could just follow our favourite musicians, paragon of virtue, on tour through their tour of warm weather locations!"
he smiled, thinking for sure that his scatter-brained wife would go for this fantastic idea. a chance to get of the house, go somewhere warm and chase her obsession around the world would appeal to her.
she sighed and said, "let's just go out tonight, how about the blue bird diner? they have always have a draft card special. you do still have yours in your wallet right? next to your official CPR card and registration for POV fan club?"
he laughed, "sounds great dear, now where did i leave my sunglasses, i need them to get me into the mood for sunshine."
they trudged their way through the snow to the diner singing folk songs and dreaming of warm weather.

thanks to raven for hosting!!

21 January 2009

sunday scribblings #146

quite a few days late, but as i've been thinking about it, here goes --


not one to shake things off
she continues to think
over and over it whirls in her head
"made a pilgrimage to save the human race"*
bring her memories from far away
and new realisations at home
life goes on and the world revolves
the old lyrics reread and understood
in a different way
she wakes up to a new day
each and every day
and her long agos are long gone

*(c) modern english - "melt with you", no infringement intended*

unconscious mutterings #312

i say and you think?

  1. Arrival :: time is imminent
  2. Vomit :: is disagreeable
  3. Fit :: is what i long to be
  4. Stutter :: when nervous
  5. Lifestream :: children in time
  6. Tread :: carefully on my heart
  7. Desire :: is above all things
  8. Freezing :: in my house
  9. Permit :: not allowed till he is at least 17
  10. Crinkle :: cut french fries
for unconscious mutterings #312

20 January 2009

life on the edge

what to do
remains the quandary
go out, stay in
be the same
step outside the confines of comfort
make a change
walk on the wild side
bring sunshine
or clouds
news of the world
or just the family
what to do??

14 January 2009

unconscious mutterings...

unconscious mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Resolution :: ambition
  2. Break :: a leg
  3. Tied :: to my hip
  4. Suffering :: in silence
  5. Instead :: sold out
  6. Divorce :: annihilated
  7. Slash :: fiction
  8. Cough :: cold
  9. Happy :: go lucky
  10. Sniffle :: tissue


nothing to say
not much new
it's all the same
cold dark snow
wake eat mother
wash dry cook
clean knit read
watch love hope
sleep dark
spring needed
flowers desired
green wanted

09 January 2009

organically grownup

she pours organic milk into her organically grown coffee
it seems so much tastier
it makes her feel healthier
she buys organic eggs
homemade organic cakes and bread

grows tomatoes cukes beans and peas
makes organic salad
she washes clothes in dyefree soaps
uses dyefree meds
and feeds them cereal without colours
only real sugar no high fructose corn syrup
she does her best
she does it for them!

for sunday scribbles # 145 organic

in between

winter limbo
space between christmas and spring
christmas decorations hang limply
forlorn and undone
discarded trees liter the roadside
emptiness fills the air
brisk wind snow flies
breath of air darkness
abandoned nest
damp dull brown
hint of red hearts
green stem

08 January 2009

lit up

lonely woman wears red coat
grey frizzy hair
walks slowly through the aisles
chooses chicken milk two apples
looks at me
smiles reciprocated
good morning

distinguished man
north face coat
warm hat sunglasses
shade his grey eyes from the sun
from the eyes of others
tall gait boots
strides with purpose
picks up bag from the lonely woman
good morning