31 December 2009


the delicious scent of it entices her
drawn deeper inside
she inhales
just one more deep breath
licking her lips in anticipation
the taste, the feel
its smoothness easing over her entire body
hot and cold together
mountains of senstaions
swelling within her
reaching forward
just once
just one

for sunday scribblings prompt 'delicious'

**trying to get back into actually putting words onto this blog and not just in my head or bits of scattered paper**

26 December 2009

one word - blinds

**for one word**

blinds are a way to keep the dark in and the sunshine out. covered up and hidden, we creep around, within ourselves, covered and sheltered while the world passes us by. blinded by the brilliance of so many minds, so many thoughts and ideas. immersed in the intensity of the surrounding world. we flutter hidden behind our blinds.