28 February 2009

sunday scribblings #152

sunday scribblings "lost"

she opens her eyes slowly
takes in her surroundings
attempts to shake the lost in the dark feeling
she shivers knowing she isn't really cold
but nervous
recalls to last night
glass of wine
wink kiss smile
she knows
feels warmer
not nervous, happy
scent of coffee
music singing
one voice
home at last
from far away

stay, don't go again!

24 February 2009


the way it started
a way it began
drawn in
eyes the colour of rich coffee
drowning in possession
never forgetting
the memory of it
long ago, far away
continue on
passing years
moving on
no illusions
him with her
her with him
feeling what?
looking at her
knowing her
deep within that webbed circle
chained to the past
just one more time
the passion obsession

23 February 2009


"signs of spring"

grey fluffy clouds float overhead
the roar of a jet engine heard
geese fly vees south or north
huge black birds circle
pale green shoots
red tinged maple tree
snowmen melt shovels wilt
white chair sits forlornly waiting
more signs of spring

the song

strains of an old song
(was it kate bush?)
memories of old
(before diapers and playdates)
a calm time
(frightening and cold)
a dark room icy windows
(no one to love)
(no one to hold)
black eyes wet face
the song fades out
(love your today)
(cherish your now)

02 February 2009

unconscious mutterings #314

for unconscious mutterings week #314

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Take :: me out to the ballpark, that, away
  2. 350 :: degree oven
  3. Stand :: up (get up stand up, stand up for your rights - marley)
  4. Raspberry :: swirls
  5. Turnstile :: subway, handy manny
  6. Infomercial :: duped
  7. Dejected :: withdrawn
  8. What’s the word? :: the word is spell
  9. Awestruck :: me, at times in certain person's presence
  10. Smashed :: glass, finger