09 January 2009

organically grownup

she pours organic milk into her organically grown coffee
it seems so much tastier
it makes her feel healthier
she buys organic eggs
homemade organic cakes and bread

grows tomatoes cukes beans and peas
makes organic salad
she washes clothes in dyefree soaps
uses dyefree meds
and feeds them cereal without colours
only real sugar no high fructose corn syrup
she does her best
she does it for them!

for sunday scribbles # 145 organic


  1. that is organic. i like the word 'them' at the end. very open finish

  2. This is great - real as can be - lyrical, too!

  3. Good post. Like the ending "she does it for them."

    Mine is a humorous one. 100% Horse Hockey


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