20 March 2009

sunday scribblings

for sunday scribblings, "where do YOU come from"
*this seemed appropriate this week, so for my nan, may god watch over and keep her*

those who came before her
she comes from the strength of them
that group of sturdy women
long lives and long memories
happiness and sadness
she longs to be like her nan
remembering the good
not the bad
making a smile
or a slymischievous grin
a wink
nimble hands up through her 101st year
she moves to a faster beat now
in the light watching over all of us


  1. she moves to a faster beat now

    I like the line: very cool...

  2. i really like this. i knew you were going to express your feelings this week in your writing. i agree with murat11 "she moves to a faster beat now". i also like "she comes from the strength of them". for me as a reader it gives backbone to the main character. it gives me a sense of where this woman came from and who she wants to be. awesome!

  3. A tribute...very nice.

  4. It's nice to think of the future beat being faster!

  5. Yes, this is a lovely tribute. You convey so much of her personality and history in quite a short piece. Lovely.

  6. hey thats really lovely, and a beautiful tribute to someone who was obviously much loved and admired

  7. Beautiful and sad! I reminded me of my grandmother who lived into her 90s.

  8. Creative tribute to those gone before - we learned so much...enjoyed this!

  9. Lovely to think about the continuation of your grandma, her predecessors and continuing via the generation that will come from her. 101 years wow.

  10. That's a really nice tribute. I like it. :)

  11. What a lovely tribute. I had to smile at the "slymischievous grin." Beautiful! :)


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