07 March 2009


"trust and responsibility"
he regarded her aloofness. her manner had changed and he was unable to pin-point what it was that was new. she looked the same.
she smelled the same, probably better even. but she was distant and pushed away from him, as though protected by a bubble of safety. she flashed green eyes at him and he smiled. her guard dropped that quickly, for just a moment, only to return when she saw his smile.
suddenly he realised it, a light bulb moment as his son would say. "she doesn't trust you idiot, you haven't proved yourself to her yet," he thought.



  1. That's nice descriptive writing.

    It's hard to trust people after you've been burned enough. Doesn't seem like there's any reason to try anyway.

  2. thx anne, and yes, sometimes the trying is way more trouble!


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