12 April 2009

sunday scribbles

for a prompt, scary, for sunday scribblings

her eyes are everywhere at once
she does it well, keeps them organised
stops to watch the crocodiles
looks away and then back
calls to him
then realises
he is gone, not to be seen
where has he gone
they rush to and fro
search, ask, call, yell, pray
everyone searches
time stops
where has he gone?
is he hiding?
she holds her breath
heart pounds eyes probe
the terror
the horrible feeling of uselessness
time passes
she stops and hears news
he is fine
safe sound well
he has wandered
found by a family
he is good
he shows them the paper
numbers for his family
"hi daddy"
he returns to mom
she cries
he was not scared
she was
and is thankful for that wonderful family
and the wonderful people who helped


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