23 June 2009

carry on tuesday

a new prompt for me, written without much editing. in an effort to write more 'story-like', i'm varying my approach to writing.

so for carry on tuesday, with the prompt to start it out in italics.

you would have understood me, had you waited. but you didn't. you were so anxious to move on, to continue your life without me. why was i so bad for you? what did you expect, a prince on a white horse to sweep you away? like that would ever happen, to you, to anyone. so i smacked you a couple of times. i mean come on, i said i was sorry. and i don't drink that much. just a few beers during the football or down the pub with my mates. what's the big deal. i said i would change. why didn't you believe me. you could have given me another chance. i'm not the bad one here.


  1. I think that's probably said quite a bit, come on now it didn't hurt, it was only twice.....very poignant piece.

  2. I can relate to this one. Nice job.

  3. Oooo - I like this!! Thanks for taking part

  4. OOOH my. LIke saying sorry was the answer for everything.
    Wonderful response.

  5. How true this is - nicely written!


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