14 June 2009

sunday scribblings #167

for sunday scribblings, "absurd".

"real life"
to have ended up where she began, the absurdity of it all was not lost on her. she wondered how to deal with the problem, if one could call it that. one useless man out of her life for good, a new nicer slightly more useful man in. she thought she had it all, or at least a small portion of it. she had a roof over her head, a car that worked most of the time. there was some food in the fridge, she couldn't complain, shouldn't complain. she wasn't complaining, just this one new thing, it added in a new texture to the whole 'this is real life take it or leave it' mentality.

she chose to take it. this time she chose to embrace it. she could deal with it this time. she looked at the pink line showing faintly on the stick. yes, this time she would have more experience. she stood up, stepping over a barrage of toy trucks and sticky fingerprints, pictures taped to the not quite empty fridge. yes, this time would be easier. she wouldn't be alone.


  1. I liked this...an image of a single (?), hopeful young moms life.
    Well done!


  2. Real life is absurd, but it is meant to be. :)

  3. I really like this one! Real life is filled with ^I cant believe this moments; some good and some bad. Great write-up;)

  4. oh this made me hopeful for her and for her children :)

    Stealing Time #5


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