28 December 2008

believing -- sunday scribblings #143

i believe in miracles,
in those unexpected wonderful happenings.
i believe in love and happiness,

and in that one true love,
the knight in shining armor on the white horse
and that if you are lucky enough to find that person
you have found your miracle
and should thank god every day.
i believe in children and messy houses,
in laundry and muddy feet,
in chocolate and pink toes.
i believe in music and singing,
in loud voices and shouting and laughter,
and in hugs and smiles and kisses.
i believe in life and friends and family.
and i believe in me.

**for sunday scribblings #143 prompted with "i believe". thanks to all for reading and for the comments, it is greatly appreciated**


  1. This is the perfect list for I believe. Nice presentation.

  2. Of all the things we believe in - love, family, and the funny incidentals - it is belief in yourself that is the foundation for it all!
    It sounds like you believe in living!

  3. I, too, believe in what others might feel are cotton candied colored kites that float on by. I believe we can catch them.
    I love the whimsical yet hopeful quality to your writing. You show life is about living fully with family and children ("laundry and muddy feet), "true love" and best of all, believing in yourself. You're shown you're quite a person.

  4. Great poem! I believe in those things, too. Very well written.

  5. i'm not sure if i believe in all those things, but its a nice thought :)

  6. Thanks for this.
    I found my knight in shining armour.

    Bear((( )))

  7. some good thoughts here. keep believing....

    guts wrench out.....

    And please do visit Poetry Train being run each Monday!

  8. Lovely. I believe you are a mummy.


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