20 December 2008

on being late

for sunday scribblings #142 the prompt is "late". many thanks for the kind comments and visits to my writings!!
sooner or later

the thought came to her many years after
what if she had missed the bus
and she had never gone
if she hadn't turned up
at the fateful meeting
would her life be different
thusly changed from what it became
if the bus had been late
if he hadn't waited
or better yet
he hadn't shown up
would she have been disappointed
and always wondered about it
sooner or later
it would have happened
fate stepped in
she crept through those years
wandering blindly at times
landing on her feet in the end
keeping together
for the happy
that her life became
for the happy that her life is


  1. Fate took a hand in her happiness.But she always wondered eh?

  2. Fate has a way of making sure you show up at the right place at the right time. Loved it!

  3. Sometimes late is a good thing!! Nice!

  4. Enjoyed entire poem and Adore those last 2 lines about "the happy that is"-

  5. yes! we will always land on our feet :) no matter how tough things may seem.


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