03 December 2008

the what ifs

what if she just closed her eyes for a minute
and she imagined her life different
she wasn't in the cold damp flat
the one without central heating or a shared bath

what if she felt the sun on her face
and she felt happy
she wasn't physically or emotionally hurting
the one who cowered or covered the bruise

what if she took that one big step
and she was brave just this time
she wasn't afraid to walk away
the one who packed her bag and left for good.

what if she just shared the secret
and she told her friends and family

what if they didn't judge her
and she felt supported and loved.

what if she lived a better life
and she became herself.

1 comment:

  1. What a sad commentary, so eloquently stated. There's something about the end of any road, that signifies the end, and makes us want to look bad. Sad.


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