31 January 2009

sunday scribbles # 147

this is a week late, but once started it needed to be written completely. 
for sunday scribbles -- phantoms and shadows

she walks down the road toward the pond at the park. she knows he won't be there, but she goes regardless. she tries to shake off the sadnesss and then sighs heavily. she knows the feeling will pass. the warm breeze feels good on her face, and she continues her walk toward the shade of the trees. she picks up a stray leaf and twirls it in her hand. memories of other times, walking and laughing, flood her brain. she smiles and frowns in quick sucession. she remembers sipping tea by the kiosk, a stolen kiss when they were shy. the water is bright and shiny in the sunshine and she remembers geese squalking and buying fresh bread to feed ducks. walking in the morning to fetch the sunday papers, rushing back home to cuddle under the blankets. more cups of steaming hot tea, milky white and sweet for her, dark and less sweet for him. much like him, dark and less sweet.

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