31 January 2009

sunday scribbles #148

on time this week, well mostly :)
for sunday scribbles regrets


she never thinks of it in a way that makes her sad. not anymore. she is well past the regret portion of the relationship. she thinks only of her life now, her future, her happiness, their happiness. certainly she remembers. how can she not remember. how can anyone not recall those little tidbits of life long past. the pieces that add up and make her who she is now. she doesn't wince or frown about it. she doesn't speak about it either. she remembers, but those memories are few and scant in her normal life. just as other sights and sounds remind her of other past events, the scent of roses or tinkling bells of her mother, a certain holiday song of an old long missed friend, they are there. although more faded as time goes by. she is content with that. without these events, these people, she would not be where or who she is not. she cannot change her past, nor would she.


  1. This is just wonderful. Thank you.


  2. It's good to see the past become a memory rather than a regret and that you are looking to the future. Well said.

  3. i often think these thoughts. i wouldn't be where i am today without where i was yesterday.

  4. a good insight and a wonderful post!!!


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