22 May 2009

sunday scribblings - worry

"worry" for sunday scribblings


her sister is a worrier. she sits at home and frets over the slightest thing. how the weather will affect her best friend's son's baseball game. or what mrs smith's scan results are. or will there be traffic on the way to the beach house in three months' time. will the kids do well with their exams. will little billie find his way to the supermarket or get hit by a bus. some of these things are out of her hands. just a minute of concern but not hours and hours of fretting and tedious worrisome pacing. at some point her sister will phone and reveal that all went well. the kids are doing fine, mrs smith's scan shows a smudge but the doctor is confident it will be fine after a little surgery. there are no bus accidents. a plane does not fall on her house, this week.
the thing about her sister is that at least she tells everyone she worries. she shares the details, she does it aloud. she does not keep it inside her heart. she does not have a heavy heart. because as she worries, she also prays. she thinks her sister should worry less and rely on the prayers more. but she loves her sister and so she allowes her sister this one little foible. this small thing, that really isn't so minute at times.
but she loves her sister, and she realises that so long as her sister is there to worry and fret and pray, then she feels safe.


  1. i hope and pray that all worries and all fears get to the exit fast!


  2. Definitely very interesting. If a play on something real and true, I wish for quick relief. :)



  3. "the thing about her sister is that at least she tells everyone she worries. she shares the details, she does it aloud." :) Sis has a good heart!

  4. Good point when you don't keep it inside it looses its power

  5. some people are just born worriers,, and it sounds like your sister is among them.. thats ok tho,, at least she shares her worries and thus lightens her load...

  6. I'm the designated worrier in our family - I think all families have at least one :)

  7. I'm always worrying about something, and rarely talk about it. Perhaps I'll verbalize more. Great post.

  8. Having someone worry for us gives us such a feeling of being enveloped in love.

    I liked this very much.

  9. I liked the idea that verbalizing the worry lets it out. Very good.Much better than bottling it up for yourself and letting it grow out of proportion.

  10. it's silly to worry about things we don't have control over.

  11. This sister reminds me so much of my mother. In fact, my post is about my mother. I agree, it is always better to verbalize than to keep that worry all bottles up inside. Good post.

    The Art of Worry


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